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Diamond Jamboree Boba

Come get some Tasty Diamond Jamboree Boba Tea!

Lollicup Diamond Jamboree boba has been the go-to place for many residents of and visitors to Irvine, CA, for over 10 years. We specialize in expertly-crafted boba tea that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Yum! The top 10 customer favorites that we sell every single day include classic milk tea, taro milk tea, Thai tea, grapefruit tea, Tokyo milk tea, Vietnamese Iced coffee, Sea Cream V.I.C., watermelon juice, lemonade, lemon tea, and DJ lunch special tea. We have plenty of coffees, handcrafted milk teas, hand-shaken iced teas, matcha, iced blended and drinks. For your convenience, we even offer online ordering! Whether you’ve never tried boba tea before or you consider yourself a connoisseur, for the best possible experience, you can’t beat Diamond Jamboree Boba tea. Try your usual favorite flavor or branch out to something new and exciting at Lollicup Diamond Jamboree boba today.